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Unlock the power of your wearable & HRV data to get ultra-personalized exercise recommendations and plans to train smarter, prevent injury, and see results faster. 

AIM7 is designed for busy people who want to look, feel, and perform their best but are time-poor and need a straightforward and comprehensive solution. 

Get detailed recommendations and plans for resistance training, HIIT, yoga, cardio, and more. With over 80 workout types, your perfect routine is in your pocket.

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Personalized Workouts:
More than Just a Training Plan

With AIM7, generic workout templates are a thing of the past. Enjoy completely customized resistance training plans based on your fitness level, workout history, equipment access, and availability. Get sessions tuned to your body that progress intelligently over time.

Dynamic Warmups
Prep You for Success

Start every workout with core and flexibility activations targeted to your needs. Our warm-ups enhance mobility, prevent injury, and prime your power for the road ahead.

Resistance Training Evolves to Match Your Adaptation

AIM7’s one-of-a-kind resistance programming analyses your wearable and workout data to manipulate exercise volume and intensity strategically. Our revolutionary fluid and flexible model ensures you recover optimally while still progressing toward your fitness goals. 

Adjust intensity seamlessly based on daily AIM7 score insights designed by our world-class team of sports scientists and performance coaches. Every session directly accounts for fluctuations in readiness, so gains keep coming without compromising the balance your body craves. 

Choose equipment, duration, and workout splits based on your real-world constraints. Experience consistent progress using machines, free weights, resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, and bodyweight formats.

Elevate Endurance Using Heart Rate Zone Training

Level up with smart heart rate zone training to improve your cardiovascular fitness. AIM7 provides you with precise heart rate zone and duration recommendations tailored to your fitness history, exercise type, and readiness to train.

Are you into Zone 2 training? AIM7 provides Zone 2 training recommendations and 5 other heart rate zone options to improve your aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

Optimize Recovery with Restorative Workouts

Sometimes, your body is fatigued and needs to rest. But sitting around and doing nothing isn’t always the answer.

The AIM7 Restorative Workouts are designed to stimulate recovery and leave you feeling refreshed and energized. Restorative workouts include low-intensity aerobic exercise and movement-based circuits to stimulate your body to recover.

Step Into Lifelong Movement

Walking is one of the best ways to prevent cardiovascular disease and increase longevity (1,2). Recent studies demonstrate that replacing physical inactivity (e.g., sitting and standing) with light exercise, like walking, reduces the risk of cardiometabolic disease. Furthermore, increasing your daily step count can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease and increase your lifespan. 

AIM7 tracks your weekly step count to help you stay motivated to keep moving and progress toward your goals.

Personalized Fitness Goals

After 7-days, AIM7 analyzes your data and identifies the primary area you need to focus on to improve your health and fitness, and then provides you dynamic goals that fit your time needs and daily motivation level, along with real-time feedback and encouragement to take the next step in your fitness goals. 

The AIM7 goals are aligned with the World Health Organization and the US Department of Health & Human Services Recommendations.

Comprehensive Workout Tracking & Data Analytics

Every workout is captured on the AIM7 app, and you are provided detailed feedback on each session, including - total time, calories burned, maximum and minimum heart Rate, and intensity. In addition, AIM7 provides you with a comprehensive breakdown of the exercise and recovery data you care about - HRV, exercise load, soreness, energy level, resting heart rate, and more.

Reduce the Risk of
Burnout & Injuries

AIM7 proprietary algorithms provide you with daily personalized recommendations for the precise type, intensity, and duration of exercise your body can adapt to each this. This empowers you to train hard and smart without crossing red lines. Testimonials: Real-user experiences and success stories.

How It Works

Step 01

When you wake up, check the app to see your AIM7 Score, which represents how much gas you have in the tank today.

Step 02

If you have time, you can make your AIM7 score ultra-personalized by completing a 30-second Calibration in the app.

Step 03

Now it’s time to take action - AIM7’s recommendations help you do so with confidence.

Step 04

When you want to workout, open the AIM7 app to find the ideal type, intensity, and duration of exercise for you today. This includes a personalized strength training program you can begin anytime.

Step 05

When you have a few minutes for yourself or need to shift your mindset, open the app, and you’ll find the most effective mental fitness exercise for you.

Recommendations include breathwork techniques, guided mindfulness, and gratitude journaling.

Step 06

When the AIM7 app tells you it’s time to focus on recovery or you want to optimize your sleep or post-workout recovery, open it, and you’ll see exactly what you can do to feel rejuvenated.




Check our FAQ, and you can reach us Mon - Fri, 8 am to 5 pm, at ask@aim7.com


At AIM7, our mission is to empower people to live healthy and impactful lives. That's why we assembled a world-class team of experts to transform wearable devices and health data into actionable and customized solutions for you.

Our founder, Dr. Erik Korem, helped pioneer the use of athlete wearables and sports science during his 16 years working in the NFL, college football, and with Olympic champions. Erik saw firsthand how optimized health and performance could be achieved when data was turned into personalized recommendations. He set out to bring these same capabilities to anyone motivated to improve their wellbeing. 

Backed by a team of renowned sports and data scientists, psychologists, dietitians, and engineers, AIM7 leverages cutting-edge AI to provide targeted recommendations and plans, regardless of your starting point. Our experts have worked with world-class athletes and organizations to enhance human performance. And now, we're applying these same approaches to help you meet your health goals.

Join us and unlock your potential with AIM7.





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