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How do I contact the AIM7 support team?

Email us at
We respond to emails Mon - Fri, 8-5 pm CT.
Our Team will get in touch with you within 24 hours, and often sooner, depending on when you email us.


How do I manage my payment method or cancel my subscription?

You can manage your payment method or cancel your subscription by clicking this link.


What should I expect during the first week of AIM7?

The first 7 days is your onboarding period. You’ll learn about habit building and get immediate access to your daily exercise recommendations. AIM7 learns about your health habits and combines your wearable data with your psychometric data to fine tune the Recommendation Engine to you. Click on this link, and watch the video from AIM7 founder, Erik Korem. It'll tell you exactly what to expect.


How do I connect my Apple Watch to the AIM7 app?

AIM7 pulls your health data from Apple's Health app. When you originally set up your Apple Watch, the Health app should have been automatically connected. If it was not, click here.


How do I record sleep data on my Apple Watch?

To record sleep data, you must set up a sleep schedule for every day of the week. Setting a sleep schedule is also a great tool for improving sleep duration, consistency, and hygiene. Click this link to learn how to set up a sleep schedule.


How do I track exercise sessions on my Apple Watch?

Tracking your exercise with the Workout App on your Apple Watch allows you to analyze your recent workouts and get credit for your exercise minutes. It also helps AIM7 understand what workouts you like to do so you can receive exercise recommendations that are perfect for you. Click this link to learn more about exercise tracking.


Why am I using the Breathe App?

The Breathe App on your Apple Watch accurately reads your Heart Rate Variability. This is an important factor in your A7 Score, and it allows AIM7 to fine-tune your personalized Body, Mind, and Recovery recommendations. Also, engaging in one minute of mindful breathing each morning improves your focus and attentional control. Click this link to learn more about using the Breathe App.


How do I incorporate other health apps I use with AIM7?

AIM7 pulls your data from Apple Health, so if you already have a health app you like to use, like Calm or Headspace, just make sure you send your sessions to Apple Health. Click here to learn more about how to write data to Apple Health.


My Apple Watch battery life is terrible. What's the best way to keep it charged?

We recommend that you place your charger in a convenient place each day where you are the least active. For instance, put your chargers on your desk, and charge your watch first thing in the day when you are checking your emails. Quick reminder, you need at least 30% battery life to record your sleep at night, so make sure you create a good charging habit.


Can I use any wearable devices besides the Apple Watch?

At the moment we are just using the Apple Watch, but soon we'll be adding more wearable devices. Go ahead and sign up for AIM7, get on our waiting list, and we'll let you know when your device is available for use.


Where do I report a bug?

Please email us with any bug reports or feature requests at


How can I sign up my friends?

Please send your friends to our website and ask them to apply to become an AIM7 member. Even if they don’t own an Apple Watch, we'll be adding more wearable devices soon.


Why are values so important?

As Dr. Haberl says, "Goals are a destination, but values are a direction." By getting clear on what your values are, and anchoring your actions in your values, you can confidently and consistently take action, even when you don't feel like it. This gives you strong internal motivation.


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