At AIM7, our mission is to empower people to live healthy and impactful lives. That's why we assembled a world-class team of experts to provide customized performance solutions.

Our founder, Dr. Erik Korem, helped pioneer the use of athlete wearables and sports science during his 16 years working in the NFL, college football, and with Olympic champions. Erik saw firsthand how optimized health and performance could be achieved when data was turned into personalized recommendations. 

He set out to bring these same capabilities to anyone motivated to improve their wellbeing. 

Backed by a team of renowned sports and data scientists, psychologists, dietitians, and engineers, AIM7 leverages cutting-edge AI to provide targeted recommendations and plans, regardless of your starting point. 

Our experts have worked with world-class athletes and organizations to enhance human performance. And now, we're applying these same approaches to help improve your pickleball performance and reduce pain and injuries.

Join us and unlock your potential with AIM7.



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