Podcast Episode
January 23, 2023

The 6 Pillars of Medicine - More powerful than any medication or supplement

Erik Korem

• Dr. Gillett believes that diet is not just about macronutrients but also evidence-based habit formation; it's important to find something sustainable that you can stick with long-term. 

• For exercise, he recommends at least two days of resistance training per week as well as one day of vigorous cardiovascular exercise such as VO2 max or interval training depending on your age and goals; however be mindful not to overtrain!

• Stress optimization should include an understanding of how stress affects the body both positively and negatively - acute stress can help us remember things better whereas chronic low grade fever type stress needs managing through lifestyle changes

• He explains that humans were designed to function outdoors, so a life completely indoors is not natural; this can lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in some people due to lack of sunlight. 

• Regarding sleep quality, Dr Gillett shared research showing that 7-9 hours was optimal for psychophysiological adaptability while 6 or fewer hours correlated with poor outcomes. 

• Finally he mentioned spiritual health being about self-actualization - understanding one's purpose in the world - which may be different for everyone on the spectrum from religious beliefs to environmental connection.

Kyle Gillett, MD, is a dual board-certified physician in family medicine and obesity medicine, and an expert in optimizing hormone levels. In this episode he discusses evidence-based habit formation and his 6 pillars for medicine to live a healthier life.

Show Notes

Dr. Gillett focuses on the 6 pillars for medicine, which are diet, exercise, stress optimization, sunlight exposure, sleep, and spirituality. Short-term stress is the body and mind’s gateway to positive adaptation, while chronic stress is debilitating, but can be mitigated through lifestyle changes. Evidence-based habit formation is the key to making sustainable changes for your overall health.

Key Quotes

"You know, stress isn't a bad thing. It's the only way to grow, adapt, and thrive."

"I have my six pillars of medicine, and these are more powerful than any medication or supplement."

"One way that I explain it is that your diet is really not a diet at all. It's a lifestyle and it's evidence-based habit formation."

"With your vigorous days, keep in mind that if you need to exercise in the morning, and then you have a mental task to do later on, you might be a little bit tanked and perform less than optimally."

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