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Transform your wearable data into a personalized plan to increase energy, reduce stress, and improve performance.

DR. Adeeti GUPTA

Founder, Walk IN GYN Care

"I'm excited to partner with AIM7 to fulfill Walk In Gyn's mission of providing compassionate, holistic, and stellar women's health care to all women "when" they need it!

AIM7 delivers personalized AI-powered recommendations for your mind, body, and recovery to help you look, feel, and perform your best. AIM7's team of world-class coaches and scientists is delivering a first-of-its-kind health and wellness solution that, in conjunction with our system, will help women in multisystem conditions such as PMS, PCOS, Fibroids, Pain syndromes, and so much more.

And if you are already thriving, AIM7 will help you take your physical and mental health to new heights. Join me and AIM7 over the next 30 days as we take the next step in empowering you on your health and wellness journey."


What can AIM7 do for me?

By merging Decision Intelligence and Behavior Design, AIM7 turns your data into life-changing habits to help you feel and perform better.

We leverage your wearable & qualitative data.

We work with the Apple Watch and soon Garmin, Oura, Whoop, FitBit, and Samsung.

Our proven algorithms do the magic.

We blend your fitness, sleep, recovery, & qualitative data together to build your personalized plan.

Personalized and
simple-to-implement recommendations.

Rapidly improve your physical fitness, mental fitness, and recovery.

AIM7’s Proven Results

After 4 weeks, an AIM7 User Experiences:

Increase in motivation
Improvement in mood
Increase in sleep quality
More energy
Reduction in stress

Based on an analysis of 208 users on the AIM7 platform from Feb 2023 - Apr 2023

See what people are saying about AIM7

John Harris

AIM7 gives me permission to throttle back when my body is signaling for a downshift, while also holding me accountable to get after it when I can push my limits.

Tracy Marez-Gaydos

I've improved my sleep from 5-6 hrs/night to 7-8 hrs/night.

AIM7 offers a no BS, straight-to-the-point approach tailored to your body.

I definitely recommend it.

Missy Antle

It's amazing how much easier it is for me to wake up without still feeling totally exhausted.

It's crazy how much better I feel.

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