Holistic fitness system using your wearable device.

Ultra-personalized AI coaching for exercise, recovery, and mental fitness leveraging your wearable & HRV data.

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We’ll track your data while you learn a habit-building methodology to turn AIM7 coaching into long-term habits.

Building an actionable health & fitness program using your wearable is hard.

makes it easy.

AIM7 creates the perfect plan for you based on your changing time demands, goals, equipment, and ability to adapt to stress.

Our adaptable system rapidly improves fitness and reduces burnout and injuries.
AIM7 helps you build more mental resilience, so you can pursue audacious goals, and thrive in uncertainty.

No more generic recommendations. The perfect mental fitness tool (e.g., breathwork, mindfulness, gratitude, etc) for how you feel.
Transform sleep and recovery data into practical recommendations that help you feel more rested and energized.

Science-backed recovery recommendations tailored to your body, utilizing techniques such as foam rolling, sauna sessions, cold plunges, hydration, and more.


What our members say...

I've been using AIM7 for a while now, and I can't express how transformative this app has been for me. As someone who's always been on the hunt for a better fitness and wellness tool, AIM7 has exceeded all expectations.


Finally an app that understands MY body and takes into account how I am feeling & my HRV in order recommend the best workout routine for that day! This app has kept me on point with my fitness but also with my mind & sleep.


Whether you are a weekend warrior or a devout fitness fanatic, this app is a must have for improving your health, wellness and performance in all aspects of your life.


AIM7 saved me - I was so burnt out trying to push myself all the time. AIM7 taught me to stop over-training and focus on better recovery. Now I’m making more progress with less work, and I’m breaking through plateaus like crazy.


This app is amazing and so easy to use. As a coach and former athlete, I appreciate how AIM7 collects my data and information and gives me real time feedback how to maximize my fitness and health.


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At AIM7, our mission is to empower people to live healthy and impactful lives. That's why we assembled a world-class team of experts to transform wearable devices and health data into actionable and customized solutions for you.

Our founder, Dr. Erik Korem, helped pioneer the use of athlete wearables and sports science during his 16 years working in the NFL, college football, and with Olympic champions. Erik saw firsthand how optimized health and performance could be achieved when data was turned into personalized recommendations. He set out to bring these same capabilities to anyone motivated to improve their wellbeing. 

Backed by a team of renowned sports and data scientists, psychologists, dietitians, and engineers, AIM7 leverages cutting-edge AI to provide targeted recommendations and plans, regardless of your starting point. Our experts have worked with world-class athletes and organizations to enhance human performance. And now, we're applying these same approaches to help you meet your health goals.

Join us and unlock your potential with AIM7.

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Dr. Erik Korem, PhD

High Performance Thought Leader, Expert in Sleep and Stress Resilience

Dr. Chris Morris, PhD

Director of Applied Sports Science at the University of Kentucky

Landon Evans

Sports scientist, Dietitian, and Performance Coach

Dr. Peter Haberl, PhD

Former Senior Sports Psychologist for the US Olympic Committee

Amanda Nighbert

Registered Dietitian

Pratik Patel

Sports DietitianFormer Head of Performance Nutrition for the New York Giants

Dr. Alex Auerbach, PhD

Director of Wellness and Development for the Toronto Raptors