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Transform your wearable data into a personalized plan to increase energy, reduce stress, and improve performance.

carrie Vitt, FNTP

Author, Nutritionist & Founder of Delicisiously Organic

“As a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I believe in the idea of helping my patients find long-term health & wellness. AIM7 is the perfect tool for me, as it helps support building long-term healthy habits & helps me find the right balance across fitness, sleep and mind."


What can AIM7 do for me?

By merging Decision Intelligence and Behavior Design, AIM7 turns your data into life-changing habits to help you feel and perform better.

We leverage your wearable & qualitative data.

We work with the Apple Watch and soon Garmin, Oura, Whoop, FitBit, and Samsung.

Our proven algorithms do the magic.

We blend your fitness, sleep, recovery, & qualitative data together to build your personalized plan.

Personalized and
simple-to-implement recommendations.

Rapidly improve your recovery and physical and mental fitness.

AIM7’s Proven Results

After 4 weeks, an AIM7 User Experiences:

Increase in motivation
Improvement in mood
Increase in sleep quality
More energy
Reduction in stress

Based on an analysis of 208 users on the AIM7 platform from Feb 2023 - Apr 2023

See what people are saying about AIM7

John Harris

AIM7 gives me permission to throttle back when my body is signaling for a downshift, while also holding me accountable to get after it when I can push my limits.

Tracy Marez-Gaydos

I've improved my sleep from 5-6 hrs/night to 7-8 hrs/night.

AIM7 offers a no BS, straight-to-the-point approach tailored to your body.

I definitely recommend it.

Missy Antle

It's amazing how much easier it is for me to wake up without still feeling totally exhausted.

It's crazy how much better I feel.

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