Podcast Episode
January 23, 2023

Why you need to stop making weight loss your new years resolution

Erik Korem

  • Making weight loss a New Year's resolution is a common reason for failure.
  • It is important to focus on small, permanent lifestyle changes in order to optimize health.
  • Sleep, nutrition, exercise, and stress management are all key factors in maintaining good health.
  • Consistency is important in maintaining healthy habits.

In this episode of the Blueprint Podcast, Dr. Erik Korem discusses why you should stop making weight loss your New Year's Resolution and the key behaviors that will permanently change your health and well-being. He's joined by Amanda Nighbert, registered dietician and CEO of LEAN.

Show Notes

Amanda Nighbert, a registered dietician, is discussing the importance of making small, permanent lifestyle changes in order to optimize health and avoid making weight loss a New Year's resolution, which often leads to failure. She advises focusing on habits such as consistently eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly. Amanda also stresses the importance of managing stress, which can negatively impact health if not addressed.

Key Quotes

"Stop making weight loss your New Year's resolution, because that's why you continue to fail. If you really dial down on small, permanent lifestyle changes that you know are going to ultimately optimize your health at the end of 12 months, you're gonna have lost."
"The things that I think people overlook when they're looking to optimize their health, number one would be sleep. Sleep is absolutely most people's missing link. You know, I think that there's a set of people that are just not getting sleep at all. The quality of their sleep is poor. It's at epidemic proportions."
"I also know that there's some really good research around, I mean, if we take it back to nutrition just for a second. And overeating because when you don't get enough sleep, leptin and ghrelin, which are our hunger hormones, are impacted. And so we tend to eat more."
"And then I think that there's also the, um, the exercise piece. You know, we, we talked about that, that consistency piece. But I also think that, you know, people, they go all in on their, their exercise plan in January, and then they can't sustain it. They get burnt out. They, you know, they're sore. They're, you know, not seeing the progress that they want to see, and then they just throw in the towel."
"But I think that stress management is key. You know, we, we talked about, you know, managing our nutrition and managing our exercise, but if we're not managing our stress, it's going to impact everything else."

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