Podcast Episode
January 23, 2023

Exercise Strategies to Build Muscle, Live Longer, and Increase Your Metabolism

Erik Korem

• Dr. Erik Korem and explains the importance of maintaining adequate muscle mass for health and longevity, as well as how to increase lean muscle mass through exercise strategies.

• To initiate a hypertrophic response, mechanical tension must be applied in combination with dietary intake of protein.

• Three primary factors can be manipulated to achieve a hypertrophic response: mechanical tension, muscle damage and metabolic stress. 

• Mechanical tension is achieved by using heavy loads over fewer repetitions or changing the tempo of an exercise; whereas Muscle Damage is achieved by high volume training with moderate-heavy load over 8-12 reps or long eccentric movements (4 seconds) followed by 1 second iso then 2 second concentric repetition cycles 

• Metabolic stress is an effective way to induce muscle hypertrophy, which involves performing sets of 15-30 reps with a 60-90 second rest period between sets. 

• Caution should be taken not to exceed 15-20% work volume increases at any one time due to potential injury risks

Show Notes

In this episode of the Blueprint Podcast, you’ll learn why maintaining muscle mass is critical for health and longevity. Dr. Erik Korem discusses three methods to induce a hypertrophic response and the variables you can manipulate for each mechanism. There are some general rules to follow, both for novices and those experienced with resistance training.

Key Quotes

“Here's my blanketed recommendation; everyone that is healthy should include some kind of hypertrophy training in their exercise regimen, along with strength training.”

“It's critical to maintain muscle mass, and I'd say you should even train to stimulate the increase in lean muscle mass.”

“Living a high performance life isn't just for elite athletes or tech entrepreneurs. It's for anyone that wants to look, feel, and perform their best.”

“If your muscles aren't generating force, if you're not making your muscles move something or lift something, and they're not being mechanically loaded, they will atrophy.”

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